Compact Vertical Load Unload Automation for Mazak Laser Machines

Saving floor space by going vertical
Process: 2D Automation

The Compact Vertical Load Unload is an automatic material handling solution suitable for any small space.

It is simple in design with one loading and two unloading pallets that are directly on top of the laser pallet. Having the pallets stack vertically makes this automation perfect with it's small footprint. It is an economical and compact load unload solution for those who have limited floor space. This automation solution is also ideal for operations with fewer material changes such as batch production.

The pallets are 3,000 pounds each. The max weight of material for this automation system is 660 lbs per pallet of 1,980 pounds total. The Compact Vertical Load Unload allows for a max material thickness of up to either 0.50 inch or 1.0 inch.

Mazak Laser Compact Vertical Load Unload System