Compact Manufacturing Cell Automation for Mazak Laser Machines

Compact automation for Optiplex Series machines
Process: 2D Automation

The Compact Manufacturing Cell consists of a 10 pallet stocker which can be supplied with up to 2,200 lbs. of various materials up to 1 inch thick. The materials are then automatically loaded and unloaded between the stocker and laser machine.

While a pallet of material is being processed, the system selects a new pallet from the stocker. Once the original pallet is finished processing, it is unloaded from the machine and the new pallet is loaded. Then, the processed pallet is moved to be sorted or stored in the stocker.

The loading and unloading of materials occur on the same side of the Compact Manufacturing Cell, resulting in a reduced traffic line and smaller footprint than similar systems. The system also does not require micro joints to keep cut parts and the skeleton attached, which further simplifies processing.

An optional sorting station for better access to the cut parts and a work lifter are also available to customize the Compact Manufacturing Cell.

Compact manufacturing cell automation for Mazak Optiplex Laser machines