Mazatrol SmoothG

MAZATROL SmoothGHighly Optimized CNC Programming for Complex CNC Part Production

The Mazatrol SmoothG makes it easy to generate CNC programs for processing complex parts through off-centerline machining as well as angled drilling, milling and tapping.

The control incorporates a wide variety of advanced CNC programming functions that allow it to offer complete ease of use and ensure high-speed, high-accuracy CNC machining performance.

Functions Include:

  • High Gain Feed Forward Control boosts machining speed and accuracy
  • Fast Rotary Axis Speeds optimize gear skiving and rotary axis threading
  • Variable Acceleration Control calculates optimal acceleration for a combination of axes
  • Intelligent Pocket Milling engages a high-efficiency toolpath when milling part cavities
  • Smooth Corner Control makes cutter path adjustments to help shorten cycle times
  • Orbit Machining allows a machining center with a C-axis to turn complex features on parts
  • Position Controlled Hobbing provides fast, convenient hobbing and skiving operations
  • Real Time Tuning ensures optimal machining balance as workpiece weight changes

Ergonomics also play an important role in the functionality of this control. A large 19" display presents all of the critical machine data within a single page view, while the tilt control panel allows for optimum positioning based on operator height. An intuitive multi-touch screen, which is similar to that of a smartphone, enables fast and smooth programming operations. An SD card allows the CNC to store up to 32GB of data.

Works With:

  • FJV Series
  • HCN Series
  • HQR Series
  • INTEGREX j-Series
  • MEGA TURN Series
  • MULTIPLEX Series
  • MULTIPLEX W Series
  • QUICK TURN Series
  • QTZ Series
  • SLANT TURN Series
  • VARIAXIS j-Series
  • VCN Series
  • VTC Series