Mazak QTE-100 SG

Mazak QTE-100 SG with Mazak FZ Controller
Mazak QTE-100 SG with Mazak FZ Controller
2-axis turning center to process wide variety of parts with high efficiency
  • Integral spindle / motor for high-accuracy, high-speed machining
  • 8 position / 12 position (option) drum turret with minimum interference
  • Simple and compact machine designed for high performance
  • New MAZATROL SmoothEz CNC control
Integral spindle / motor

Thanks to its design, vibration is minimized during high-speed operation to ensure exceptional surface finishes and maximum tool life. Since no transmission with belts, pulleys or gears is used, the higher efficiency of the integral spindle / motor delivers more power to the tool tip to be used for cutting.

Mazak QTE Spindle

High-torque spindle

The spindle is designed to provide high-torque machining in the low-speed range. In addition to its high rigidity, the high acceleration and deceleration increases productivity.

Spindle speed  5000 min-1
Spindle motor  25% ED 11 kW(15 HP)
cont. rating 7.5 kW(10 HP)
Max. torque 10% ED*1 95.5 N・m
15% ED*2 95.5 N・m

*1 : MAZATROL SmoothEz


The bolt-on tool holders are rigidly mounted on the turret by 4 bolts. Thanks to a servo driven motor, drum turret features high-speed, non-lift turret indexing with minimum interference. Tool shank ☐25mm ensures high rigidity machining.

8 position drum turret

Tool shank ☐25 mm
Boring bar shank diameter Φ32 mm


Mazak QTE 8 position drum turret 

12 position drum turret (Option)

Tool shank ☐25 mm
Boring bar shank diameter Φ32 mm


Mazak QTE 12 position drum turret

Higher Accuracy

Spindle designed for high accuracy even in high speed machining

Machine model QTE-200 SG
Material High-speed cutting brass JIS C3604
Material size Φ70 mm × 100 mm
Spindle speed 4760 min-1
Machining conditions Feedrate 0.025 mm/rev
DOC 0.025 mm
Tool Sintered diamond tool)
(R0.4 mm)

* : Example results for reference only

Mazak QTE high accuracy

Mazak QTE-100 SG Specifications
Mazak QTE-100 SG Bed Length - 300U mm
Capacity Maximum Swing 580 mm
Maximum Machining Diameter 350 mm
Maximum Bar Work Capacity 45 mm
Maximum Machining Length 299 mm
Main Spindle Chuck Size 6 in
Maximum Speed 5000 rpm
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 195 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 325 mm