MazaCAM is an advanced off-line programming system for the Mazak CNC machine tools whereby in addition to the conventional method of programming a Mazak (on the control), you can program your Mazak machine completely off-line in your office, or even on the road. This in itself is only a small fraction of the capabilities and features of MazaCAM, these are some of the reasons why MazaCAM is an advanced off-line programming system.

MazaCAM Features

  • Upload and download Mazatrol programs to and from Mazak controllers.
  • Write and edit Mazatrol programs on a PC or laptop.
  • Convert popular CAD formats to Mazatrol and G-code.
  • Draw new, or edit cad files and output to Mazatrol and G-code.
  • Program a part once and output to both g-code and Mazatrol.
  • Convert Mazatrol to G-code
  • Supports Mazak controllers including T and M series, Fusion series, Matrix series, and Smart series.
  • Convert Mazatrol programs between new and legacy controllers.
  • Print Mazatrol programs for easy reference.
  • Automatically convert splines to lines and arcs in order to be converted to Mazatrol.
  • Backplot existing Mazatrol files to an editable CAD file.

What does MazaCAM consist of?

MazaCAM is a complete programming system, seamlessly composed of the following:

  • Geopath CAD/CAM — Geopath is SolutionWare’s premier CAD/CAM system. It is very easy-to-use, and gives the Mazak user a complete set of CAD and CAM features. Geopath in itself delivers excellent programming capabilities. For more specific information about Geopath CAD/CAM, see the SolutionWare website
  • Mazak Utilities — Seamlessly integrated into the Geopath CAD/CAM system are SolutionWare’s Mazak utilities. These utilities consist of:
    • MazaCAM File Commander—An intelligent solution that gives programmers a master console for Mazak file management, editing, conversions and communications with Mazak CNCs.
    • Mazatrol Editor — The Mazatrol Editor can be used to either write a Mazatrol program from scratch, or to load in existing programs to be edited. The Editor provides one with the standard Mazatrol set of commands. The Mazatrol appears similar to that on the Mazatrol control, but as the Mazatrol Editor is Windows® based, it takes full advantage of Windows features such as pop-up menus, scroll bars and copy-and-paste capabilities. It also gives the user the ability to plot the shape (Shape Check) of the part he is programming. For more information please see the Mazatrol Editor tab.
    • Mazak Communications — Upload and download capabilities to and from the control. Also communicate with the Mazak Microdisk and all popular DNC systems.
    • Mazatrol Conversion — Makes your Mazaks backwards compatible; for instance, take an M-Plus program and instantly convert it to an M-2 program.
    • Mazatrol Program Printing — Lets you print out programs.

Geopath CAD/CAM together with the Mazak Utilities is called MazaCAM. The integration of Geopath with the Mazak Utilities gives the Mazak user a complete suite of tools for the programming of the Mazaks, CAD/CAM, communications, editing/data entry, and many more. For a complete list of the Geopath CAD/CAM features, please contact us.

Who uses MazaCAM?

MazaCAM is in use by many large plants such as Boeing North American and Lockheed Martin, but is also utilised in many small job shops, or start-up machine shops. It was developed to be easy-to-use for those new to off-line programming, and yet deliver the power that is needed for those experienced users. Primarily, MazaCAM addresses Mazatrol, but many shops use MazaCAM if they have a variety of controls on the shop floor, Mazatrol and G-code, and need a system that integrate all of them with one system.

Want to learn more about the benefits of MazaCAM?

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