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Boeing and Alcoa increase aluminium recycling

Amongst the fanfare of the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, France, Boeing and Alcoa announced a program to significantly increase the recycling of internal aluminium aerospace alloys used during the production of Boeing air-planes.


“This program will maximize the value of aluminium scrap materials throughout the supply chain while reducing waste,” said Leslie Shuman, Director of Supply Chain for Alcoa’s Aerospace, Transportation and Industrial Rolled Products.

Included in the recycling program will be series 2XXX and 7XXX aluminium alloys, which are used in the production of wing and fuselage components. Approximately 8 million pounds of aluminium is expected to be recycled annually.

The new program will also allow for future expansion, to capture scrap from Boeing sub-contractors, and eventually to include additional aluminium scrap forms, including chips that remain after the machining of parts.

This is great news for the world of manufacturing, and is fantastic to see such a large company making a concerted effort to reduce their wastage and the environmental impact of their operations.

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