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As one of Australia’s leading machine tools suppliers, it is our goal to help our customer’s achieve sustained success through the application of world class technology coupled with our highly experienced team.

We have developed strong relationships with the world’s best manufacturing brands including Mazak, Citizen, SMW Autoblok, & Zoller to ensure you have the right equipment for the job. Browse our products, or speak with one of the John Hart team to find out how we can help.

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HSV 2014 thumb

John Hart / HSV Drive Day At Mt Cotton

September 18, 2014

John Hart customers experience the HSV Drive Day at Mt Cotton, Queensland, Australia. A special thanks to HRT and HSV for organising the event.

Mazak i200s machines capton tool holder

Mazak INTEGREX i200S machines Capto Toolholder

June 4, 2014

John Hart Sydney has been busy on the Mazak INTEGREX i200S again, demonstrating the vast capabilities of the machine, through the production of a Capto Toolholder. Discover the power of this versatile machine tool!

Mazak Integrex i-200S JH Sydney Office

Discover the power of the Mazak Integrex i series

April 14, 2014

Our Sydney John Hart office has created a great video to demonstrate the capabilities of the Mazak Integrex i-200S, through the creation of a mechanical part. Cut out of 4140 alloy steel, this application clearly showcases the versatility of this multi-tasking cnc machine and the power of Mazak’s Done-In-One technology. View it above.

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