Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 220 II

Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 220 II
Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 220 II
Rugged 3D precision for tube and structural applications
Process: 2D/3D, hybrid design
Machine Description

The 3D FABRI GEAR 220 II machine excels for an expanded range of laser-cut tube, pipe and structural applications. Available with a 2.5kW or 4.0kW resonator, the 3D FABRI GEAR 220 II cuts a wide variety of tubes and pipes including round, square, rectangular and triangular. It can also process I and H beams, C-channel, angle iron and additional user-defined shapes from mild or stainless steel. This extensive range of capabilities makes the machine ideal for many industries and applications.

Featuring a powerful, high-precision 6-axis laser, the 3D FABRI GEAR 220 II can handle larger, longer, thicker and heavier material than similar machines due to its rigid workpiece handling system incorporating a four chuck design. It also has improved processing speeds, tighter tolerances and can be used for drilling and tapping.

The 3D FABRI GEAR 220 II model can process a round pipe diameter of up to 8.6 inches at a rapid traverse rate of 3,937 IPM. For large material jobs, the 3D FABRI GEAR 400 II can process a round pipe diameter of up to a 16”.

Performance Advantages
  • Powerful, 6-Axis laser with automated load/unload functions.
  • The 3D FABRI GEAR 220 II cuts a large range of mill-length tube and pipe, whether round, square, rectangular, or triangular. In addition, it can completely process I and H-beams, C-channel, angle iron, and additional user-defined shapes.
  • 6-axis laser cutting means you can cut at any desired angle for weld prep, plus achieve the highest accuracy for easy fit-up of assemblies - all in a single program cycle. Program-controlled loading, workholding, and unloading make it an efficient fabrication cell requiring minimal labor input for small to large volume part production.
Machine Specifications
Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 220 II  Values
Material Shape Round, square and other pipe shapes. Structual material.
Material Mild steel / Stainless steel
Material length range Minimum 3,450 mm
Maximum 8,000 mm
Maximum material diameter Round pipe 20 - 220 mm
Square pipe 20 - 152.4 mm
Chuck center Height 950 mm
Stroke X Chuck left / right 8,955 mm
U Chuck left / right 8,779 mm
V Chuck left / right 2,315 mm
Y Head back / forth 985 mm
Z Head up / down 370 mm
A Head rotation ±99999.999°
B Head swing ±135°
Maximum traverse rate X, U, V 100 m/min
Y 36 m/min
Z 30 m/min
A, B 9,600 °/min
C 20,000 °/min
Machine Weight 27,000 kg
Sound Less than 80 db